AP33 Analog Multitesters/Slim & compact

Small pocket size


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Basic Features

  • ■Elastomer material absorbs shock from fall
  • ■High-durability nylon-woven copper lead
  • ■Using elastomer material improves flexibility and reduces the stress on the lead wire
  • and the probe when bent.
    • Bandwidth : 40〜10kHz (50V and below)

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      Measuring range

      Best Accuracy

      DCV 10/50/250/500V(2k/V) +5% of full scale
      ACV 50/250/500V (2k/V) +5% of full scale
      Battery check 1.5V/9V

      DCA 25m/250mA +5% of full scale
      Resistance 5k/500k +3% of arc
      Bandwidth 40-10kHz(less than 50V)
      Battery R03X1
      Fuse /5X20mm (250V/0.5A)
      Size/Mass H126XW87XD30mm/approx.185g
      Standard acce-sscories included lnstruction manual



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