Hot Melt Glue Gun China Model SD-A


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Operating Instructions

Hot Melt Glue Gun Race SD – A Small Glue Gun 11MM Sol Stick White Large Glue Gun Distribution Industrial Hot Glue Gun

Model: SD-A (60/100W), SD-A (100W)
Power Type: AC Power
Voltage: 220V
Power: 100
Scope Of Application: Ceramic Electronic Components, Wood Toy Parts, Plastic, And Metal
Rated Voltage Range: AC Single Phase And DC 50V And Below
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1) Assemble toys and models.
2) Assemble artificial flower and plastic wares
3) Assemble wooden wares and frame
4) Adhere textiles and shock-absorbent materials.
5) Adhere paper.
6)Fimnly position electronic components.
7) Assemble and repair ceramic wares.
8) Packaging sealant.
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  • 1) Since the glue gun is of high temperature when in use, keep out of reach of children.
  • 2) Always hold the glue gun with nozzle downward as this could avoid flow-back of melted glue into the
    glue gun causing damages.
  • 3) In order to avoid accident, do not use the glue gun under the adverse environment of high humidity,
    extremely low or high temperature.
  • 4) Disconnect the power supply when the glue gun is not in use for over 5 minutes.
  • 5) It is recommended to use 11-11.5mm glue stick as improper size could cause glue flow-back and clogging.



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