KADA 852D+/952D+ (diaphragm pump) hot air smd rework station


Input voltage:220V/230V/240V/110V
Product weight:4.5kg

Product Features

KADA 852D+/952D+ (diaphragm pump) hot air smd rework station

1.Two-in-one hot air gun and soldering iron, two LED digital display, stylishly compact,

feature-rich, space-saving, and low shipping costs.

2.LED temperature display, more accurate temperature control, more stable temperature

and more vivid operation.

3.Fine-control diaphragm pump is employed for powerful airflows; the smaller the nozzle

of the gun, the stronger the airflow.

4.A cutting-edge ceramic-framed heating core for extremely stable and reliable performance!

5.Applicable to desoldering of several types of elements: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA.

The smaller the gun nozzle, the stronger of the force; suitable for desoldering of single soldering spots.

6.Iron rapid heating,fast temperature compensation,High-precision and stable temperature control,

this can effectively prevents cold solder joints.

7.An anti-static design effectively prevents damage to delicate components.

8.Our equipment applies the high quality metal heater which will not be twisted off and longer life.

9.Employs new solid-mold manufacturing processes, withstanding voltage and drop damage


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