Meter Probe Gray Large



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-100% new and high quality.
-Resistant, resistant to cold, wear resistance, high current.
-Especially in the cold weather cable can also maintain a special soft state, to ensure the effectiveness of the connection.
-It is suitable for all standard instruments with table pen Ø4mm, sealed banana head.
-Inspect the test leads for damage and measure continuity. Do not use if there is any damage or high resistance.

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Material: PVC / silicone
Color: Red, Grey and Black
Safety rating: 1000V, CAT Ⅲ, 20 times more.
Probe diameter: 2 mm
Pen length: 15cm
Length: 140cm
Conductor: 63 / 0.12mm tinned OFC
Operating temperature: PVC: -10-70 ° C SIK: -60-230 ° C
Weight: 104g

Package includes

2 x 20A 1000V Multimeter test probes


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