MS6708 Digital Sound Level Meter

The sound level meter is an instrument for the measurement of environmental sound level: such as factories, workshops, schools, residential, office area, traffic, audio and other occasions of sound level. Also applies to the noise of engineering, quality control, health prevention etc.


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Basic Features

● Display 2000 counts
● Auto & Manual Ranging
● Auto Power Off
● Dynamic 50dB
● Frequency 30Hz~8kHz
● Sample Rate 2 times / second
● Fast 125ms / Slow 1 sec
● A / C Weighting
● Display Backlight
● Low Battery Display
● Analog Bar Indication
● Over Range Indication
● Data Hold
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Tech. Spec

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Sound Meters : MS6708





Sound Pressure 30dB~80dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB
40dB~90dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB
50dB~100dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB
60dB~110dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB
70dB~120dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB
80dB~130dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB

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General Accessories

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● Power Supply : 4*1.5V AAA Batteries
● Product Size : 193mm x 60mm x 29mm / 7.6″ x 2.4″ x 1.1″
● Product Weight : 222g / 0.48lb
● Certificate : CE / ETL / RoHS



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