MS6813 – Multi-Function Cable Tracker

MS6813 is s held network cable tester, ideal for Coaxial Cable (BNC), UTP and STP Cable installation, measurement, maintenance or inspection. it also offers a fast and convenient way of testing telephone line modes greatly simplifies telephone line installation and maintenance


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Basic Features

Application and Features
● Testing Coaxial Cable (BNC)
● Twisted-wire-pair cables (RJ45): 10Base-T, T568A, T568B, Token Ring
● Testing Cable’s Shield Integrity
● Judge Continuity of the Cables or Wires
● Track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break Point
● Receive the tone signal on the cables or wires(telephone line)
● Identify the state in the working telephone line(clear, ringing, busy)
● Send a Single Solid or a Dual Alternating Tone to the Target Cables or Wires

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Send tone frenquency: 1.5kHz
Receive frequency: 100Hz~300kHz

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General Accessories

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● Power Supply : 2x9V 6F22
● Product Size : 206mmx84mmx55mm/8.1″x3.3″x2.1″
● Product Weight : 330g/0.72 lb
● Certificate : CE / ETL / RoHS



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