Sunwa Analog Multimeter YX 360TR



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The Sunwa YX-360TRE-B is an analog multimeter, you can use it to measure AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode check, continuity and transistor leak current. For DC current, it can measure as low as 10 micro amps and up to 250 mA, which is hard to do with a digital multimeter.

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Technical specifications

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DCV 0 – 0.1V ±1% 0.25V/2.5/10V/50V/250/1000 ±3%
ACV 0 -10/50/250/1000V ±4%
DCA 0 – 50µA/2.5mA/25mA/250mA ±3%
Resistance 0 – 2K/20K/200K/2M/20Mohm ±3%
DB -10 dB – 22 dB
Diode check (including LED) Yas
Continuity both Buzzer & flash
Transistor Led current Yas
Package includes 1 x Clamp Meter

* 9V and AA batteries



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