YIHUA 850 SMD BGA Hot Air Rework Station + Diaphragm pump max. 24L/min


Input voltage:110V/220V/230V/240V
Product weight:2.97kg/pcs

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Product Features

YH-850 Diaphragm pump hot air desoldering station

SAMSUNG chip controlcircuit adopted, it ensures

rapid warming-up and stable accurate temperature control, which at the same time not affected by

airflow to really achieve lead-free soldering and desoldering. Because of the handle with sensor switch,

the system can quickly access operating mode while gripping handle. Meanwhile, the system

will transfer to standby mode while handle released. Especially suitable for mountingand reworking SMD

components by hand. Really a must have!

1. Two Red LED digital displays to show precision temperature for hot air gun and soldering iron .

2. Hot air gun and soldering iron separate and no interference with each other.

3.SAMSUNG microcomputer control, quick warming-up.

4. A 50 watt output soldering iron with temp range of 200°C – 480°C.

5. You can also program the soldering iron to go into a “Sleep Mode” afteryour desired minutes of

non-use (2,5,10 or 20minutes), which is very convenient and energy save.

6. Hot air gun can also be switched to be used in either a “Manual or Automatic Mode”and the hot air
gun also has an “Automatic Cool Off Feature” which means that the hot air gun will go into a
“Cool Off Period”. After it has been placed into its holder and has cooled off to a temperature of 100 Degrees Centigrade, it will enter a Standby Mode and the air will keep flowing. When it has cooled down to 100 Degrees Centigrade, the air will stop flowing and then you will knowit is safe to turn the unit off. This is a safety feature to prevent damage to the heating element and the unit.
1.Fine-control diaphragm pump is employed for powerful airflows; the smaller the nozzle of the gun, the stronger the airflow.

(a) Nozzles with diameters smaller than 5 mm and normal-sized nozzle (8 mm, 10 mm, 12mm) are suitable for use, we do not recommend use with larger nozzles. Since the pressure of the air pump is large, the smaller the nozzle the stronger the force, and even small nozzles are able to blow out the hot air from the handle.

(b) Characteristics of the diaphragm pump type airflow: large pressure and small volume (the maximum volume is 24 or 28 L/min)

(c) Applicable range:

The smaller the gun nozzle installed in the machine, the bigger the pressure and stronger the force, suitable for desoldering of single small soldering spots.

2.a cutting-edge ceramic-framed heating core for extremely stable and reliable performance!

3.The air gun handle wire employs a high-temperature silicone wire (undamaged when 300o soldering tip contacts silicone wire for 30 seconds)


Performance Parameters of the Machine
Rated Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Total Power 550W
working condition 0~40℃ relative humidity <80%
Operating Environment -20~80℃ relative humidity <80%
Dimensions 255*188*125mm
Weight 3.3KG
Temperature Range 100℃~450℃
air supply mode Pump air supply
Air Flow 24L/min(Max)
Temperature stability ±15℃ (static state)
Heating element Ceramic skeleton heater

standard configuration

Desoldering station 1 Manual : 1

Air gun handle 1 Nozzle:3(5mm 8mm 10mm)

IC extractor 1 Holder 1
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Applicable to desoldering of several types of elements: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA; the smaller the gun nozzle, the stronger of the force; suitable for desoldering of single soldering spots.


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