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Camelion rechargeable flashlight RS-41


  • Camelion rechargebale flashlights are integrated with convenient type-C ports, which universally fits for most of the chargers.The LED’s wide diameter illuminates a large area and provides and ultra long beam distance. It’s an excellent emergency light source during power outages and while traveling.



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Main Feature

14 / 100

Easy to operate
Slide button for easy turning on / Off.
• LED charging indicator
Charging in progress red
Charging complete: green
• Rechargeable and long-lasting
Built-in 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
features up to 1000 charging cycles:
• USB Type-C charging
Charged by Type-C input port and compatibe
with most chargers.
• Powerful and efficient
LED light source provides high illumination and
long beam distance.
• Slim and portable
Convenient for carrying around and perfect for
daily use.


14 / 100

Power Source:
3.7V 1200mAh rechargeable 18650 battery
Light Source: 1 W LED
Lumen Output: 120 Lm
Beam Distance: 100 m
Correlated Color Temperature: 6500 K
Continuous Operating Time: 2h
Charging Time: 6h
Dimensions: $62 × 191 mm/ $2.44x 7.52 inches
Weight: 170 + 5 g / 0,37+0,01 Ib

Package Include

14 / 100

Rechargable  Flashlight


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