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2.Way Screw Driver Large (ST-9018)

12 / 100




1. The arbor is made of high material
2. High temperature treated hexagonal steel for maximum torque rotation
3. Particularly environmentally friendly handle
4. The handle made of multiple dots is non-slip and the operation is more comfortable and labor-saving



12 / 100

Slotted And PHillips

High grade chrome vanadium steel.

Hexagon steel with heat treated over
entire length applying maximum torque.
Special rubber well-fitting in a hand
Wide point nonslip.Point shaped handle and easy to handle.


12 / 100

1. This tool is not insulated and cannot be operated with electricity;
2. take protective measures when using, put it in a safe place when using it, do not let children get it.
3. This batch of rods is made of CRV chrome steel for overall heat treatment, ensuring excellent quality and durability.
Users must purchase trademarks and quality when handling, beware of counterfeiting

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