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YIHUA Heat Gun 853D

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14 / 100

1.This model now features magic temperature compensation technology which is the result of incorporating PID Technology into our product.

2.A 75 watt output soldering iron with temp range of 200°C – 480°C / 392°F – 896°F with Silicone cord that are extremely pliable and virtually.

3.Hot air gun with “Auto cool down” feature. You will really like this new feature!!!

4.Smart temperature detection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, and overload protection.


14 / 100
Iron parts Hot Air Gun parts DC Power Supply parts
Work Voltage AC:26V±10% 50HZ Work Voltage  AC:220V±10% 50HZ( 110V±10% 50HZ) Work Voltage AC 20V±10% 50HZ ( 110V±10% 50HZ)
Output power 45W±10% Output power 650W±10% Output power 15W/30W/45W
Temperature range 200°C-480°C Temperature range 100°C-480°C Output voltage 0-15V

Output current 1A/2A/3A

Temperature stability ±2°C Temperature stability ±2°C Load stability <0.01±2mv<>
Tip of ground impedance<2ohm<> recovery time <100us<>
Tip of ground voltage<2mv<> Ripple dB<1mvrms (virtual value)
Temperature coefficient <300PPm/°C
Protection starting current >standard value 10%
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