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3pcs Non-magnetic Tweezers (ST-NZ-3)

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High-quality stainless steel precision tweezers that are anti-magnetic and anti-stick. We use these tweezers ourselves and we cannot recommend them highly enough. Need to pick and place tiny LED or hold down wire while soldering.These are the tweezers for you. Being anti-magnetic means you can be use them on computers or electronic items. Also ideal for rhinestones, studs, gems, card making scrapbooks, sewing, stitching etc..
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Designed to meet the requirements of the electronics
Precision engineering industries.
100% brand new and high quality


Non-magnetic,fine tip straight (135mm)
Non-magnetic,fine and Round (122mm)
Non-magnetic,fine tip curved (120mm)
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1 x Fine tip straight Tweezer
1 x Fine and Round Tweezer
1 x Fine tip curved Tweezer


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