60 MHz Oscilloscope Clip Probe (Each)




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Product features

• Bandwidth: 60MHz
• Attenuation: x1/x10
• System input resistance,10M / 1M, typical input capacity 85-115pf / 18.5-22.5PF
• Max. Voltage: x1: <200V DC + peak AC, x10: <600V DC + peak AC • Compensation range 15-40 PF, tip/head style: 5 mm

Product description

For oscilloscopes with bandwidth up to 60 MHz, durable modular construction, coaxial design with coaxial REED switch, accessory Pack included 1 screw driver 8 marker bands 4 tip locating sleeves 2 mini alligator clips and ground leads 2 interchangeable probe clip tips.


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