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UNI-T Uni-T Utl8211 High-Precision Compact Dc Electronic Load


  • UTL8211: Single channel 150V /40A, 400W
  • CC/CV/CR/CP four basic modes
  • 1mV/1mA high resolution
  • Dynamic current test
  • Voltage and current measurement speed up to 40kHz
  • Multi-mode battery discharge test
  • List mode, support automatic test
  • Independent short circuit test function
  • Various protections such as over voltage, low voltage, over current, over power, over heat, anti-reverse connection etc.
  • Supporting PC software to realize remote operation and monitoring
  • Power-off memory function
  • Intelligent temperature control fan
  • Standard RS-232C interface, support SCPI protocol


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The UTL8200 series electronic load is equipped with a 2.8-inch LCD display, which is convenient and simple to operate, stylish and generous, stable in operation, has a wide power measurement range, voltage and current measurement speeds up to 40kHz, and a test resolution of up to 1mV/1mA, with rich test functions and modes, and standard RS-232C communication interface, flexibly meet various on-site test conditions, and realize seamless connection with automated production lines and automatic test systems (ATS).


Weight1.5 kg


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Number of channelsUTL8211 Model1
Rated value Current0~4A, 0~40A
 Input Voltage110V/220V
 CC mode Current0~4A, 0~40A
 Resolution: 1mA, 10mA; Accuracy: ±( 0.05% + 0.05%FS)
 CV mode Range: 0~18V, 0~150V; Resolution: 1mV, 10mV; Accuracy: ±(0.05%+0.1%FS)
 CR mode Range: 0.05Ω~7.5KΩ; Resolution: 16bit; Accuracy: 0.1% + 0.5%FS
 CP mode Range: 400W, 200W; Resolution: 10mW; Accuracy: 0.1% + 0.5%FS
 Dynamic mode T1&T2: 100uS-3600S; Accuracy: 5 μS±100 ppm; Slope: 0.001~0.15 A/μS
 Voltage readback Range: 0~18V, 0~150V; Resolution: 1mV, 10mV; Accuracy: ±( 0.05%+   0.1%FS)
 Current readback Range 0~4A, 0~40A
 Resolution: 1mA, 10mA; Accuracy: ±( 0.05%+ 0.1%FS)
 Power readback Range: 400W, 200W; Resolution: 10mW; Accuracy: ±(0.1% + 0.5%FS)
 Communication   Interface RS-232C
 Protocol SCPI
PC Software Yes


14 / 100

Power supply test, adapter/charger test, battery test, lithium battery protection board test, ATE, component test, etc., commonly used in home appliance manufacturers, LCD and other computer component manufacturers, switching power supply and LED manufacturers, adapter charger manufacturers and other companies Production and testing use.

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