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Santus Anti Static Wrist Band Blue ST216B


Anti Static ESD Wrist Band with Clip

for Sensitive Electronics Repair Work Tool


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55 / 100

Santus Anti Static Wrist Band Blue


An Anti Static ESD Wrist Strap Elastic Band with Clip for Sensitive Electronics is an antistatic device used to safely ground a person working on very sensitive electronic equipment, to prevent the building up of static electricity on the operator’s body, which can result in the electrostatic discharge (ESD).

This device is very special care of sensitive electronic devices which can be damaged by electrostatic discharge.

If an operator has a sudden build-up of Electrostatic Charge in his/her body and in this case if the corresponding operator touches the electronic device then certain components like IC’s make a way for the Electrostatic Charge. If this happens the IC will be damaged immediately, so this Anti Static ESD Wrist Strap will avoid such accidents and keep your sensitive electronic equipment safe.


55 / 100

1. Fully adjustable and comfortable anti-static wrist strap set
2. Spring loaded 10mm snap at both ends
3. 10mm stud, 6ft long cord


55 / 100

An anti static wrist strap can stop dangerous ESD or Electronic Static Discharge from harming sensitive electronics and components.

Just wrap the adjustable anti static wrist strap around your wrist and clip the alligator clip to a grounded source and you’re ready to go.

A must-have electronic tool when doing PC Assembly, Repair, Electronics Work, Computer Network Testing, or working with sensitive electronic components including integrated circuits, transistors, etc.

An Anti Static Wrist Strap provides static protection when working on computers & other Electrostatic Discharge ( ESD ) sensitive electronic equipment. The Anti Static Wrist Stap is also called an antistatic wrist strap, ESD wrist strap, or ground bracelet.

• Adjustable wrist strap comfortably fits all wrist sizes.
• 1.8 Meter curly cord has the ability to stretch for ease of use.
• The conductive inner layer is made of fine stainless steel filaments.
• Crocodile Clip has s built-in detachable banana plug for quick versatile connection and disconnect.

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