Automated stripper / crimper ProsKit 8PK-371D

Automated pliers for stripping wires and crimping terminals (stripper + crimper) ProsKit 8PK-371D alloy steel
Reference: 8PK-371D

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Snacking any type of wire 0.2 ~ 6.0 mm² (AWG10-24)
The rotary handle allows you to cut an electric wire smaller than 0.2 mm² (AWG24)
You can set an adjustable limiter if the user does not currently need this function.
For insulated conductors 0.5-6.0 mm² (AWG22-10).
For bare conductors 0.5-6.0 mm² (AWG22-10).
For crimping the ignition wires of a car 7-8 mm.
Hardness 52 ° / 57 ° ± 3 HRC (HV 550 ~ 650).
Tool length 210 mm.
Packing: blister.

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Tech. Spec

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Production Taiwan
Manufacturer Proskit
Length mm 270
Height mm 140
Width mm 205
Weight, kg 0.3690
Manufacturer Part Number 00159321



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