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Tni-U Tu-1090T Board Holder With Magnifier Stand

12 / 100

TNI-U TU-1090T Board Holder With Magnifier (third hand)

Good for soldering with 2x optical magnifying glass – crocodile holds clamps – sturdy base and large springs. The magnifying glass and alligator clamps can be rotated in any direction that suits your needs. A large diameter and stand are added to hold your electric solder when it’s hot to prevent damage.
1. Cast steel base,Firm and durable
2. Multi direction auxiliary clip Amplification Transformation are no obstacles
3. Can be used in SMD circuit model production stamp collection biological observaion reading ,etc

Weight1 kg


12 / 100

The card holder (third hand) with a magnifying glass and light TU-1090T is a convenient, practical accessory that allows you to freely work with the smallest details and wires. High-quality fixing of parts, a powerful magnifying glass allows you to perform work much more accurately and accurately.

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