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Cable Cutter Steel Pliers 6 “SANTUS ST-50C 6H

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Cable Cut Pliers 6 “SANTUS Brand Type ST-50C 6H /

New Santus PLIERS 160mm 6″ Inch Cable Cutter Bolt wire cutter cable cutter crimping Hand Tools Stripping cable.
Model: ST-50C 6H
Specifications: 160mm 6 inch (Size is manually measure, for reference only)
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Use of CR-V Precision forged chrome vanadium steel, durable, cutting edge high frequency heat treatment, sharp
cutting of cable cutters suitable for high pressure PE, IV cable lines, telephone lines, copper, aluminum cables rather than steel cables, fast cutting;
Anti Skid, dipping handle, convenient to use
Precision forged high carbon steel
This product is widely used in ports, electricity, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railroad, construction, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, highways, large transportation, pipes and auxiliary sets, slope tunnels, wells and controls needed for protection, rescue, marine engineering, construction of airports, bridges, aviation, aerospace, and other important places and construction of industrial infrastructure, machinery and equipment
The maximum cutting diameter is 1 cm.


Please avoid temporarily operating voltage

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