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Heat Air Gun 1800W STEARNEL 8600

●Never allow children to use the product
●Always ensure that the workplace is well ventilate.gases and vapors occur may be harmful.
●After turn on the power of hot air gun,operators must stay in the workspace
●Please do not blow the hot air to people directly
●Please don’t dismantle this without permit a

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1:use hot air nozzles and scraping tools when removing paint or painting.

2:remove self-adhesive wallpaper and decoration.

3:remove rusty or tight screwcap and metal screws.

4:dissolve the frozen pipe,door lock or pad lock etc. warning:please don’t try to use it in plastic pipe.

5:soften clingage and abrasive power before processing them.

6: it is nessary to dry the clamp wood before combining or processing them,

7:shrink the pvc film as a protective covering for packaging.

8: wax or remove wax in the sled.

9:shrink polyethylene material.

10:soften the welding material.





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Air flow:250/500 L/min

ll the repair should be sent to anuthorized service
center,make sure safely


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The hot air gun is used to meet all kinds of heating requirements, suitable
for decoration, packaging, clothing, electronics and other industries.


Operation method

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1.Turn on the power, turn the switch to low or high, adjust the temperature knob
2.If in use, the motor does not rotate, it will be transferred to the off position at once,
and the power plug is pulled out.
3.Stop before use, temperature knob adjustment to the minimum. The civilian attune
to switch off, and unplug the plug, put it flat, wait for the cooling can be used

Package include

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1xHot-air gun

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