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Heat Sink Compound Paste (Gray) 250gm

Name: Heat Sink Compound
Thermal conductivity:>1.93W/m-k
Thermal resistance:<0.225°C-in2/W
Net weight: (Gray) 250 Grams

Heat Sink Compound Paste (Gray) 250gm


A thermal paste is a type of material used to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink, and this material is also referred to as a thermal interface material.
Its function is to transfer the heat radiated by the CPU to the heat sink, keep the CPU temperature at a level that can work stably, prevent the CPU from being damaged due to poor heat dissipation, and prolong the service life.
It acts on electronic components, electricians, household appliances, LCDs, LEDs, CPU coolers and other products to increase heat transfer function, filling gaps, insulation, waterproof, moisture, shockproof, etc.; it can also be filled between electronic components and heat sinks. It wets the contact surface sufficiently to form a very low heat resistance surface, which is much more efficient than other heat sink products.

How to use a Heat Sink Compound:

Wipe the surface to be coated and apply it directly or with a spatula, brush, or syringe.


Evenly apply a thin layer and do not apply too much.

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