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Hex Nut Screw Driver SanTus M3.0 (ST-363)



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16 / 100


Two-color precision screwdriver series


Model Specification Head
363-M2.5 M2.5 60
363-M3.0 M3.0 60
363-M3.5 M3.5 60
363-M4.0 M4.0 60
363-M5.0 M5.0 60
363-M5.5 M5.5 60



16 / 100

Front end special
High material chrome vanadium steel
Special non-slip plastic material
Material and A.B.S resistance
Plastic two-color manufacturing
Flexible handles,
Rotating design

Hex Nut Drives Detail

16 / 100

A screwdriver-type handle for hand turning with a built-in female socket at the end of either metric or fractional inch sizes. May be of different lengths.
There are two main types of socket wrenches: impact sockets and hand sockets. Sockets are commonly colloquially referred to by counting the number of potential points of contact (pointed corners of walls) between socket and nut. Common designs include :

6 point, hexagon, for hexagonal nuts.
Variants include designs with curved (splined) faces for off nut corner contact, to reduce chance of stripping
12 point, (12 pointed star), for use with hexagonal nuts


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