Illuminated hand-held magnifier ProsKit MA-023

Reference: MA-023

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The main lens with a magnification of 10D (3.5X), an additional retractable lens with a magnification of 76D (20X).
Comes with 2 LEDs.
rubber grip for comfortable work.
Ideal for testing printed circuit boards, stamp collecting, insect monitoring, numismatics, jewelry and more.

Additional Information

Lens material Acrylic polymer
Large Lens 10D (3.5X)
Small Lens 76D (20X)

Lens size:

Large lens Ø50 mm
Small lens Ø18 mm
Light source 2 LEDs
1.5V AAA battery x 3pcs (sold separately)

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Production Taiwan
Manufacturer Proskit
Length mm 360
Height mm 155
Width mm 250
Weight, kg 0.1182
Manufacturer Part Number 00323081



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