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Insulation Tester Zx 11D 2500V



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75 / 100

Insulation Tester ZX 11D 2500V

Measure the insulation resistance of motors, which can be used to measure the insulation resistance of various motors and transformers.
Measuring the insulation resistance of electrical equipment can be used to measure the insulation resistance of household, industrial electrical equipment or telecommunications components.
Measuring cable resistance can be used to measure the insulation resistance of wires and cables. Frequent measurements can be used to fully understand the safety status.
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75 / 100

ZC25-3X-500V (plastic case)

ZC25-3B-500V (plastic spray paint shell)

ZC25-3H-500V (alloy housing)

ZC25-3L-500V (All aluminum housing)

ZC25-4X-1000V (plastic case)

ZC25-4B-1000V (plastic spray paint shell)

ZC25-4H-1000V (alloy housing)

ZC25-4L-1000V (All aluminum housing)

ZC11D-5-2500V/10000MΩ (all aluminum housing)

ZC11D-10-2500V (plastic spray paint shell)

ZC11D-10-2500V/2500MΩ (all aluminum housing)

ZC-7-500V/500MΩ (resin housing)

ZC-7-1000V/1000MΩ (resin housing)

ZC-7-2500V/2500MΩ (resin housing)

ZC-7-5000V/5000MΩ (resin housing)

ZC-7-1000/2000MΩ (resin housing)

ZC-7-5000V/10000MΩ (resin housing)

ZC25-1-100V (alloy housing)

ZC25-2-250V (alloy housing)


75 / 100
Aluminum shell: The aluminum shell is made of all aluminum, which is safe and durable, suitable for frequent use and harsh environments of engineering.
Plastic spray-painted shell: Plastic spray-painted shell is lighter in weight and stronger and more durable than plastic shell.
Alloy shell: The shell is essentially made of aluminum with plastic elements. It has a durable appearance and is more economical than aluminum.
Plastic shell: plastic shell, economical, light weight and easy to carry.
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