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Kada 850 Heat Gun (Small)



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87 / 100

KADA 850 SMD Hot Air Rework Station Small

KADA 850 SMD Hot Air Rework Station Small High Power Welding Station Hot Air Gun with Imported heater used to repair and solder. SMD Rework Station now features Integrated air gun three- speed temperature memory. Heat Gun Welding Station features temperature control technology which the program will cycle every 20 milliseconds to detect the actual temperature of the soldering irons heating element, quickly correct it with a rapid return to the correct set temperature. the air gun’s automatic function is  a safety measure that ensures the heat is automatically cut off when the air gun is its holder LED Digital Displays to show precision temperature for hot air gun and soldering iron and one blue digital display to show airflow.
  • Boot: connect the handle, turn on the power to turn on the power switch, the display shows the factory set temperature value (hot air gun 100C, the largest air volume, soldering station 200 ° C)
  • temperature/air volume setting: adjust the knob to set the desired temperature value, hot air gun air volume adjustment must press the adjustment knob to convert. CH1, CH2, CH3 are temperature memory keys. First, adjust the required temperature and air volume and then press and hold the memory key. When you hear a long ring, it means that the memory has been completed. Three memory keys record three different temperatures/air volumes.
  • This product integrates a USB mobile phone charging function, or can be used for mini table lamp power supply output, can output more than 1A current. The USB port is on the back panel of the machine. It is convenient and quick to take up space and other features.
  • Before closing the system, please put the handle into the bracket. At this time, the system will automatically cool down to enter the standby state. After entering the standby state, the system power can be turned off, except for the soldering station. This operation extends the life of the heating element.


87 / 100
  • 100% Safe
  • Works on 20 watt electricity
  • Works on UPS
  • Comfortable portable handheld
  • Microcomputer control, warming-up quickly
  • Adjust the air flow and temperature control rotation
  • Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles (big, medium and small) replacement part
  • Would replace the part if the resistance value is incorrect
  • High-quality resistance good for long service life
  • Variable allow you to set on desired pressure
  • Safe method
  • Multi solutions


87 / 100
Specifed voltage220V/110V
Type of pumpMembranous
Air flow0.3-24L/min .  Adjustable
Pump power45W
Heater250W metal
Air temperature100℃-420℃ ,  Adjustable

Packing Includes:

87 / 100
  • Rework Station with Air Output
  • Hot Air Wand Type A (Pump)
  • Includes 3 Single Nozzles
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