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Mechanic X6 High Opening Tool

Model  Mechanic X Series Alloy Steel Disassembly Sheet
 0.10mm / 0.12mm
 High Toughness Alloy Steel
Bending Angle
 Non-slip Design
 Phone Repair
 Opening Tool
 About 150 * 38mm
Net Weight
 About 3.0g / pcs
Gross Weight
 About 5.0g / pcs
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74 / 100

Mechanic X7 High Opening Tool

MECHANIC X Series Steel Alloy Disassembly Opening Tool

3D Unique Design

Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated.
  • X3 Patent No: 201930041117.8

  • X5 Patent No: 201930041685.8
  • X6 Patent No: 201930041097.4
  • X7 Patent No: 201930041099.3
  • X9 Patent No: 201730535172.3
  • X3 — Radian: 10° Side length: 60mm
  • X5 — Radian: 30° Side length: 35mm
  • X6 — Radian: 20° Side length: 30mm
  • X7 — Radian: 30° Side length: 30mm

Laser Cutting Process

Increase the bending design at the top of the disassembly sheet, which can be used more disassemble the screen at an angle.When used, it will not damage the screen, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Super Toughness

Preferred ultra-thin imported memory spring steel sheet, high softness, high elasticity, can be bent 180°, more suitable used to disassemble the scene of the curved screen mobile phone.

Thickness 0.10mm (X3-X9) & 0.12mm (X10)

It is the best of both strength and softness, after many customer tests, the final thickness is 0.10mm & 0.12mm.

Non-Slip Design

Soft crystal epoxy anti-slip handle, pressing part achieve a glue-like fit for a comfortable touch at the same time, it can also play a role in anti-slip. Improve the appearance and handle, provide you a comfortable dismantling experience.

Fits Perfectly to The Phone Screen

  • It can disassembles the corners of the screen and can be seamlessly connected to the screen of the mobile phone.
  • The top folding part also has a perfect fitting gap for the disassemble to have more options.
  • The small tail of the disassembled piece can make you more comfortable during the disassembling process.
  • Use the bottom of the disassembled piece to disassemble, resulting in a large forced to make the screen difficult to shake easily open it.
  • Use the side bends to disassemble the screen. It can be perfectly embedded in the screen to remove vinyl. Avoid scratching your phone screen.

Operation Steps

  • Melt the glue at the connection between the screen and the phone frame.
  • Insert the disassembly sheet into the gap between the phone and the screen, and slide it back and forth to make the separation faster.
  • Remove the phone screen.

Concise & Delicate

Uncompromising performance in an ultra light body, heavyweight performance without the weight. Fine and flexible packaging, delicate appearance.

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