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MCH 305DII Adjustable DC Power Supply Adjustable Dual Power Supply

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MCH 305DII Adjustable DC Power Supply Adjustable Dual Power Supply

MCH305DII (30V 5A) 303DII 3205IV 3205 DC Power Supply Multifunction Digital Display Adjustable Dual Power Supply
Product model: 302D-II /303D-II / 305D-II
Adjustable output: Dual 30v /2A 3A 5A Fixed 5v 2A
Output voltage range: 0-30v (series 0-60v)
Output current range: 0-2A / 3A / 5A (parallel 0-4A / 6A /10A)
Power supply stability: ≤0.01%+2mV
Load change stability: ≤0.2%+3mA
Digital display: 2 groups of 3 digits display
Reply time: ≤100ms
Ripple noise: ≤3mVrms (effective value)
Working voltage: 110V / 220V 60/50Hz
Size: 300 X 260 X 165 (MM)
Number of remarkable high stability DC power supply
A fixed 5V output
Full function Output Protection
Full load output may be continuous
Current / voltage is continuously adjustable within the nominal value
CC / CV automatic switching
Performance parameters
Output voltage: Dual 0-30V
Degree stable source: 1 x 104 + 3mV
Load stability: 1 x 104 + 3mV
Ripple: <1 mV (rms)
Recovery time: <100μs
Temperature coefficient: <300ppm / ° C
Constant current output
Output Current: 0-5A Dual
Degree source stable: 0.2% + 3mA
Load stability: 0.2% + 3mA
Ripple Current: <3 mA (rms)
Fixed output
Output voltage: fixed 5V
Output Current: 2A
Degree stable source: <5mV
Load stability: <15mV
Ripple: <2mV (rms)
Operating modes: independent, series, parallel
Display error: <0.5% + 1 digit
Dimensions (mm): 260 (W) x 165 (H) x 300 (D)


1. GPS-3030DD linear DC power supply 0-30V 0-3A Single Output

2. Constant voltage operation

3. Rate of change rate of change of power <0.01% + 3mV

4. Load regulation load rate of change <0.01% + 3mV (rated current <3A)

5. <0.01% + 5mV (rated current> 3A)

6. Ripple and noise noise <0.5mVrms 5Hz ~ 1MHz (rated current <3A)

7. <1mVrms 5Hz ~ 1MHz (rated current> 3A)

8. Transient response time <100S (50% change in the load, the minimum load is 0.5A)

9. Temperature coecient <300ppm / ° C

10. Output range is continuously adjustable from 0 to rated voltage

11. Constant current operation

12. Adjusted rate power adjustment rate <0.2% + 3mA

13. Load Regulation <0.2% + 3mA

14. Ripple current <3mArms

15. Output Range 0 to rating current continuously adjustable (Hi / Lo range switchable)

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