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Mechanic UV223 Lead-Free Solder Paste Flux Welding Oil

Lead-free, clean free, good tin performance, bright solder joints,

less smoke, no pungent smell

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77 / 100

Mechanic UV223 Lead-Free Solder Paste Flux Welding Oil

Mechanic UV223/UV559 223/259 100g lead-free flux paste no-resistance non-conductive compound welding paste. Mechanic UV223/UV559 medium activity solder paste and Mechanic 223/259 high activity flux paste for Mobile Phone PCB PGA BGA SMD rework soldering repair.


  1. Can be automatically aligned to prevent false soldering.
  2. Precautions: The flux should be applied in ventilated places.
  3. Widely used in high-precision electronic products, cell phones, and tablet PCs.
    Applies to cell phones, PCB phones, BGA, and PGA SMD rework.
  4. Compared with similar flux paste to improve at least 2 times more.
  5. This flux guarantees high surface insulation resistance and offers a high pin test on the Flux circuit Recommended for welding components.
  6. Execute tin quickly, low smoke level The residue is very pale and has a very high SIR value. No clean flux paste that keeps it free of unpleasant odors.
  7. Hardcore new formula: The quality solder oil, uniform and delicate has 32 kinds of imported materials with storage resistance and excellent soldering ability performance.
  8. High surface insulation resistance value after curing residue, therefore the electrical interference to cell phones and other communication products is low.


  • Option 1: 223 100G Welding Oil Solder Flux Paste
  • Option 2: UV223 100G Welding Oil Solder Flux Paste
  • Option 3: 559 100G Welding Oil Solder Flux Paste
  • Option 4: UV559 100G Welding Oil Solder Flux Paste


  • Type: Solder Paste Flux. Uv223 / Uv559
  • Volume: 10CC / 100g
  • UV559 Feature: Weakly acid
  • UV223 Feature: No acid
  • NO-Clean, Lead-Free, Environmental Soldering Paste
  • Great soldering paste for Smartphone, PCB, BGA, SMD Rework.


77 / 100
Particle size
25-48μmModel NumberRMA-223-UV
OriginCN (Origin)Weight100g
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