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MG1000 Insulation Testers?Digital type

Allows you to measure insulation resistance more safely by avoiding operation mistakes.

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Basic Features

  • ■Hot-line state (30V minimum) detection
  • ■Large volt mark with the buzzer sound
  • ■Automatic data hold function
  • ■Bargraph just like analog meter
  • ■Large display with backlight
  • ■Easy to use & tough body
  • ■IP54

Display : numeral display 4000
Sampling rate : 2 times / sec
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Measuring range Best Accuracy Resolution
4M/40M/400M/4000M +(3%+4) 0.001MΩ
Test voltage 1000/500/250V
ACV/DCV 600V(AC/DC Automatic detection) +(3%+2) V1
Ω 4000Ω (Buzzer and ALARM inddicator) +(3%+3)
Ω 40 +(3%+10) 0.01Ω
Open circuit voltage 1 to 1.3 ttimes of nomina test voltage
Rated measurement current 1.0-1.2mA
Short-circuit current 2mA or less
Live circuit detection At >30V AC/DC or more,inhibits test,buzzer sounds and
ALARM indicator lights.
Battery LR6X6
Size/Mass H170XW142XD75mm/approx.600g
Test Lead (TL-112a),Strap(ST-50),Instruction Manual


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