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MS6418 – Distance Meter [80m]

This is employed laser technology to measure distance, area, and volume accurately, quickly and conveniently. It has a wide measuring range 80m and particularly high accuracy ±1.5mm. In addition, the meter has kinds of pre-designed measuring mode to get the unilateral distance of triangle by ways of the Pythagorean proposition. It also has Add and Subtracts Measurement function.

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Basic Features

● Pythagorean proposition measurement function
● Continuous measurement
● Area & volume calculation
● Add and subtract measurement function
● Auxiliary foot level measurement
● MIN and MAX measurement
● Display backlight
● Assisted laser measurement
● Laser type Class II, 635nm, <1mW
● Automatically cut off laser 20s
● Automatic shutdown 150s
● Data Logging 99 groups

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MS6414 MS6416 MS6418 MS64100

Distance Range

40M 60M 80M 100M





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General Accessories

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● Power Supply : 3×1.5V AAA Batteries
● Product Weight : 175g/0.4lb
● Product Size : 120mm×60mm×28mm
● Certification : CE / ETL / FDA / RoHS



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