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Nylon Cable Tie 8 inches

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12 / 100

The common tie-wrap, normally made of nylon, has a tape section with teeth that engage with a pawn in the head to form a ratchet so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the tie-wrap tightens and does not come undone. Another version of the tie-wrap allows a tab to be depressed to either adjust the tension or remove the ty-wrap


12 / 100
Brand Tycab
Color White
Length 250mm
Material Nylon
Width 3.6 mm
Packaging Size 100 Pieces
Usage/Application Wiring
Packaging Type Packet
Grade UL94V-2
Part Number TY 250 x 3.6
Max Bundle Cable Diameter 65 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 180 Packet
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