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Power Protector Sonic [Delay time 3min]



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This Automatic Digital Power Protector us-full for as under Fridge, Deep FreezerTelevision, LCD, LEDComputer, Laptop, Charger, FaxKitchen AppliancesMusical Instruments Other Electric / Electronic Appliances

1. new design votlage protect with quick start.
2.Diferent colors with indictor light.
3.direct plug-in design
4.with the compulsive start key to easy start working when the voltage show is normal.
5.voltage range:90+/-3%~140+/-3%(60HZ); 180+/-3%~250+/-3%(60HZ);
6.current range:10A, 15A, 30A
7Start-up Delay time :180s, can be as your requirment
8.5 Types of protection (over voltage, under voltage, interruption, surge/spike, over load protection
9. have smart chip in the side of voltage protectors, so it can adjust the low and high voltage cutting number,
delay time number, default the data and so on.
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*Digital volt meter.

*Hi voltage display

*Lo voltage display

*Delay timing display.

*1200 Watts load capacity.

*Copper lead.

*Full automatic.


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