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ProsKit 8PK-2061 Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision screwdriver set 6 pcs.
Reference: 8PK-2061

The precision screwdriver set comes with AISI 8660 Cr-Mo-V alloy steel blade, rotating cap and nonslip ABS handle, durable and easy operation.
Ideal for mobile, video games and electronic devices repair purpose.
10 / 100

ProsKit 8PK-2061 precision screwdriver set consisting of 3 Phillips and 3 flat head screwdrivers.

Rotating multi-colored cap for adjusting rotation
Durable ABS handle with anti-slip strip
Earthed Chrome Blades
Sandblasted Tip




10 / 100
Individual Packing
Plastic Box
Color Box



10 / 100
  • Rotating cap to facilitate support and rotation control
  • The handle is made by durable ABS material with anti-slip strip for easy operation
  • Tempered and chrome plated blades precision ground tip with sand-blast treatment, perfect fit in screw slots and lasting durability.
  • Complete range of sizes and 2 package for your choice at economically price.
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