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PS8a Digital Multimeters/Pocket Type

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Solar charge battery DMM

Basic Features

  • ■3-3 / 4 digits 4000 count
  • ■0.7% best accuracy
  • ■Range hold
  • ■Auto power off (15min.)
  • ■Low power ohm (input voltage 0.4V) at continuity range
  • ■Power saving design

Display : numeral display 4000
Sampling rate : 3 times / sec.
AC frequency bandwidth : 40〜400Hz

Optional Accessories

Adapter : CL-14, CL-15a


PS8a Measuring range Best Accuracy Resolution
DCV 400m/4/40/400/500V +(0.7%+3) 0.1mV
ACV 4/40/400/500V +(2.3%+5) 0.001V
Resistance 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40M +(2.0%+5) 0.1
Continuty Buzzer sound at less then voltage :0.4V
Diode test Open voltage :approx.1.5V
Bandwidth 40~400Hz
Battery Amorphous solar battery+manganese dioxide lithium secoundry battery
Size/Mass H115*W57*D18mm/approx.85g
Standard accessories included instruction manual

1 review for PS8a Digital Multimeters/Pocket Type

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