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Front end special
High material chrome vanadium steel
Special non-slip plastic material
Material and A.B.S resistance
Plastic two-color manufacturing
Flexible handles,
Rotating design
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Pentalobe security Drives Detail


Various models of the iPod Classic include pentalobe screws on its Toshiba hard drive.

MacBook Pro

The first Apple product to include pentalobe screws internally was the Mid 2009 MacBook Pro 15-inch model. Three pentalobe screws were used to attach the battery to the internal frame. A 1.5 mm flat-blade (slotted) screwdriver could easily remove these screws, which were originally mistaken for 5-point Torx screws.[4] This was the only internal usage of pentalobe screws; all following MacBook Pros use the “Tri-Wing” security bit to attach the battery to the internal frame, or else have glued-in batteries.

Pentalobe screws reappeared in the mid-2012 version of the MacBook Pro. Eight 3 mm and two 2.3 mm pentalobe screws were used externally to attach the bottom plate of the case to the internal frame.[5] The late-2012 version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro was the first 13-inch model to have pentalobe screws; several were used externally in a similar fashion to the 15-inch mid-2012 MacBook Pro.[6] None of the three 17-inch models of the MacBook Pro have used any pentalobe screws.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has seen more extensive use of pentalobe screws than the MacBook Pro. All five versions of the 11-inch MacBook Air (late-2010, mid-2011, mid-2012, mid-2013 and early-2014) include eight 2.5 mm-long and two 8 mm-long external pentalobe screws.[7] The last five versions of the 13-inch MacBook Air (late-2010, mid-2011, mid-2012, mid-2013 and early-2014) use eight 2.6 mm-long and two 9 mm-long pentalobe screws.[8] Pentalobe screws have been used only externally on MacBook Air models.

Third-party manufacturers have marketed a variety of 5-point screwdrivers that fit pentalobe screws on MacBook models since pentalobe screws first appeared externally in the late-2010 MacBook Air.


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