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SI-124B-100 Soldering Iron (100W/230V)

13 / 100

100W / 500℃
Long-life soldering iron tip
Comply with CE and RoHS safety regulations


13 / 100

The SI-124 series features a specially designed triangular shape handle that allows users to rest his fingers on the handle comfortably, significantly reducing fatigue. 

Plastic handle 100% impact resistant.

High quality Nichrome heater element with excellent thermal stability ensuring long life time.

Seamless stainless steel barrel restrains heat expansion. Mmetal sheet stand is included.


13 / 100
Model No.
SI-124B-30 SI-124B-40 SI-124B-60 SI-124B-100
400℃ ±10%
420℃ ±10% 450℃ ±10%
500℃ ±10%
40W 60W 100W
Voltage (V) AC 230V
Heating element Ni-Cr
Handle color Green  PC
Standard plug B type
OAL. 225mm 245mm 260mm 275mm
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