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Soldering Iron Tni -u 093D+


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1. Unique anti-static design to prevent damage to line components due to leakage.

2, the unique handle temperature adjustment structure, adjustable knob between 200 ° C ~ 450 ° C arbitrarily set the temperature.

3, the use of international three plug, imported heating core, long service life.

4, using silicone wire, can withstand high and low temperature, good insulation performance.

5, can be replaced 936 soldering iron Tsui.


How to solder

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• Clean the parts to be joined

• Heat the part with soldering iron

• Apply rosin-based solder to the part and melt it with the soldering iron

• Wait for the solder to cool and harden before moving the soldering part

• Turn the power off and allow the soldering iron to cool to

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