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Tni-U Tu-900M-T-1.2D Soldering Station Bit

7 / 100

TNI-U TU-900M-T-1.2D Soldering Station Bit

A soldering iron bit is heated by an electrical heating element including a resi element consisting of granular boron carbide packed in a quartz tube embedded in a piece of copper. Soldering Iron Bits are offered as per customers requirement. Samples are given for proving the quality of products.


Weight1 kg


7 / 100

These tips are plated with lead-free solder
FOR: 900M. 858D+,878D+, 852D +,852,936,936D+

• High durability

• Longer life

• Flawless design

• Low maintenance

• Excellent in work

Net Weight:5.8g


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