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Soldring Desoldring Iron SanTus (365-8) 220V-40W



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Product Manual

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“Sands” brand longevity dual-use soldering iron is made up of
High-strength heat-resistant handle, stainless steel cover, long life
The nozzle and the welding tip are composed of high-quality and durable heating elements.
Strong suction, long life, fast and high fever
Energy-saving, simple operation, beautiful appearance, etc.
The ideal tool for welding and soldering today!

After connecting the power for a few minutes, you can use it.
When the cap clicks and hears a “click”, put the nozzle
In the solder part that needs to be removed, when the solder is dissolved
The tin can be removed by pressing the button.

Cleaning method

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After completely cooling, take the black decoration circle
Next, press the button seat from the left and turn it out, you can take it out.
Tibetan tin.



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Check the voltage before use, attract tin
The soldering iron should not be worked under excessive humidity or rain.



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When using for the first time, it may be possible due to heating of the heating element
Slightly smoking, it is normal, will be a few minutes later
It disappears automatically.
When cleaning and replacing parts, the power must be cut
Broken, only after it has cooled down completely


Advise the user

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All Sanders brand tools use a new laser anti-counterfeit trademark.
The trademark has the following four characteristics, please carefully identify the user.

The laser trademark uses dot matrix digital plate making, and the entire trademark consists of countless tiny dots.

2. Use the vector principle to make a superline pattern on a similar currency.

3. Use special special materials. When the surface layer is uncovered, half of the bottom layer shows “VOID”.

In English, half of the blue silk screen with long-range effects is “Shands authentic.”
4. Each trademark has an engraving digital: one standard and one code. After the disclosure, the digital is transparent.

Users must prove their trademark and quality when purchasing, and beware of counterfeiting.


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