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Tni-U Soldring Iron Steel Black Bit 30W

● Product Type: Soldering Iron Bit
● Voltage: 30w
● Material: Copper
● Anti-high Temperature Oxidation
● Suitable for Tin Treatment, Welding, Reliable,anti-corrosion

77 / 100

Tni-U Soldring Iron Steel Black Bit 30W


These iron tips are electroplated Iron and Nickel which protect them from oxidation, characterized by heat resistance up to 480 and a lifetime of over 20000 welding joints with appropriate use.


  1. High heat resistance and copper resistance durable for use.
  2. Lightweight, convenient to use, and easy to carry.
  3. Easy to install and remove, bringing many conveniences for your soldering work.
  4. Easy to tin and diamagnetic, suitable for lower temperature soldering.
  5. It has high safety and stable performance, easy to take and clean.
  6. Widely used for rework stations.


  1. Material: Iron
  2. Head: Sharp
  3. Color: Black
  4. Item Weight:15g
  5. Item Size: 3.3mm W x 70mm L(30W)
Weight1 kg


77 / 100

This soldering iron bit is precision machining, special surface treatment, anti-high temperature oxidation and anti-corrosion wear. After the head temperature in treatment, welding, reliable, easy on the tin, anti-corrosion.This is heat and fast and suitable for a variety of external thermal electric iron. life will be reduced, under the premise of compliance with welding, soldering as far as possible, extend tip life. After soldering tip for some time, the surface will appear oxide layer, it is recommended to use special tools to remove, or the anti appears not eat tin.

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