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Soldering Iron GaoJie 30W, 40W, 60W


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Soldering Iron GaoJie 30W, 40W, 60W

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Brand:Yellow Noble


Origin:Mainland China

【30WPower】2Pin Plug N0.840C【40WPower】2Pin Plug N0.850C【50WPower】2Pin Plug N0.860C【60WPower】2Pin Plug N0.830S【30WPower】3Pin Plug N0.840S【40WPower】3Pin Plug N0.850S【50WPower】3Pin Plug N0.860S【60WPower】3Pin Plug

Additional Information


30W, 40W, 60W


20 / 100

The 800 series electric iron is composed of the latest integrated anti-counterfeit patent design, the patented external thermal ceramic heating core, high-strength temperature-resistant plastic, stainless steel cover, etc., and the first with power indicator function, with high insulation and long life. It has the advantages of fast heating, low temperature, low moisture leakage and light hand feeling.

  • Revolutionary new patented design, the first with power indicator function
  • Unique structure, low handle temperature rise, comfortable hand
  • Lead-free long life soldering tip, especially suitable for lead-free soldering process
  • It is easy, convenient and fast to replace the heating element
  • Small size, light weight and easy operation


Technical specifications

20 / 100


model Specification Tip temperature Length (excluding power cord)
NO. 820 AC 220V 20W 400 ° C 205mm
NO. 825 AC 220V 25W 450 ° C 205mm
NO .830 AC 220V 30W 500 ° C 205mm
NO. 840 AC 220V 40W 530 ° C 220mm
NO. 850 AC 220V 50W 580 ° C 245mm
NO. 860 AC 220V 60W 600 ° C 245mm


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