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Soldring Iron SanTus 30w (ST-9230)

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Voltage 220V
Power Consumption 30w/40w/60w
Heater Nichrome Heater
Length 248mm
Weight  75g


Basic Features

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Ergonomic Design.

  • 1.Nickel-chromium heater element,which can heat rapidly
  • 2.Lead free long life iron tip,working continuosly in – product line,especially suitable for lead free soldring.
  • is easy,fast and convenient for replace the iron tips.
  • 4.light grip,comfortable for operation

Replacement Parts

12 / 100

  • Tips
  • Heater


12 / 100

1.When the soldring iron is plugged in for the first time there comes out a smoe from thetip end the smoke stops
in a short while and smoke never comes out again.
2.Use soldring stand and other aids to avoid burnt fingers.
3.Don’t pull the soldring iron tip outward and use it, it will shorten the heating element life.
4.Don’t file the long life tip face.

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