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SP-18D Analog Multitesters?Drop shock proof meter

Protective body cover

10 / 100

Basic Features

  • ■Low power ohm (3V) measurement up to 200MΩ
  • ■Capacitance measurement 0.01μF〜1000μF
  • ■LED check by 3V terminal voltage at resistance range
  • ■Battery check
  • ■Protective body cover

Bandwidth : 30〜80kHz (AC12V), 30〜20kHz (AC30V)



10 / 100


Measuring range

Best Accuracy

DCV 0.3/3/12/30/120/600V(20k/V) +3% of full scale
ACV 12/30/120/300/600V(9k/V) +3% of full scale
DCA 60u/30m/0.3A +3% of full scale
Resistance 2k/20k/2M/200M +3% of arc
Capacitance 1000uF *1
Battery check 1.5V/1.5V Coin battery
Bandwiddth 30~70kHz(AC12V)90~20kHz (AC 30V)
Battery R6P*2
Size/Mass H159.5*W129*D41.5mm/approx.320g
accessories included
Instruction manual
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