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TDGC2-2KVA TDGC2 2KVA Single Phase Voltage Regulator Variac Adjustable Power Converter Voltage Transformer Input 220V 2000W Output


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     TDGC2 (TDGC2J) contact voltage regulator with waveform distortion, small size, light weight, high efficiency and easy to use, reliable, long-term operation and other characteristics, can be widely used in industry (eg chemical, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical manufacturing, light workers, etc.), scientific experiments, household appliances, control speed, dimming and power control purposes, the three an ideal AC voltage power supply.


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  • Model Number: TDGC2 TDGC2-2KVA 2000VA TDGC2-2000VA

Principle & Characteristics

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The voltage regulator is in the structure of adjustable compensator, it wind a coil on the loop core,thee brush coincide with the rubbed surface of the coil closely under the spring pressure effect,rotate
the revolving shaft to drive the brush stand, and make the brush move along the coil surf ace to change the contact position of the brush, that means change the turns rate of primary and secondary coil, which
can make the output voltage stepless adjusted within the adjustment range. It has the advantage of no waveform distortion, small volume, less weight, high efficiency, simple and reliable operation, un for
long period and so
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