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Tni-U Tu-939 Vacuum Suction Pen


Item Type: Vacuum Sucking Pen
Material: Aluminum

Model: TU-939

Package List:

1 x Vacuum Sucking Pen

SKU: Tni-U Tu-939 Category: Brand:
70 / 100

TNI-U TU-939 Vacuum Suction Pen Anti-Static Hand Remover Tool with 3Pcs Sucker

Product descriptionFeature:

1. Ultra‑small vacuum pump hand tool, strong adsorption force and high durability
2. The product has pen‑like appearance, well‑made and compact, easy to carry and use
3. The anti‑static design is safer, suitable for handling components that are sensitive to current
4. High quality aluminum material can make sure the durability and stability of the product
5. Can protect the suction pad from being pierced by the straw during operation, and it can also avoid damage to the components

Weight 1 kg
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