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Touch seprator 988 Brown

16 / 100

Aida 988 is a separator with a built-in vacuum pump for separating broken glass and display modules in smartphones, smartphones or tablets up to 8.5 inches. With the help of an air flow, the display module is attached to the platform of the separator evenly heated to the temperature you set. The advantage of a vacuum separator over a separator with mechanical holders is that you are not hindered by mechanical fasteners and the ability to fix any display module. Even if the glass is broken into small pieces, the module will still hold a non-fusible silicone mat, which will remove air suction.


16 / 100
  • Adjustable heating of the working surface
  • Built-in safe power system.
  • A smooth metal working surface ensures tight contact with the glass.
  • The maximum temperature is 120°C
  • Temperature adjustment step (±1 °C


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