UNI T 100MHz Passive Probe Lead Oscilloscope UT-P04


  • 1 x Passive probe(battery not included)


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UNI-T UT-P04 Passive Probe Oscilloscope Cable 100MHz UTP04 Applies To UTD2000 series Oscilloscope Part.

• Rish UNI-T UT-P04 Passive Probe 100MHz UTP04 Applies To UTD2000 Passive Probe


8 / 100
  • 1.Suitable for digital osciloscope,convenient to use.

    2.Portable design,easy to use.

    3.Plastic material,prevent wear and lasting use.

    4.If you want to change your osciloscope probe, this is a great choice.

    5.Applications: UTD2082CE, UTD2102CE, UTD2102CEL, UTD2072CEX, UTD2102CEX, UTD2102CM, UTD4082C, UTD4102C, UTD4104C, UTD4102CM, UPO2102CS, UPO2104CS”


8 / 100
  1. Brand:UNI-T


    Passive probe (1: 1/10: 1)

    Bandwidth:100 MHz

    Input resistance: 1 × 1MΩ ± 2%, 10 ×10MΩ ± 2%

    Input Capacitance: 1x:85pF ~ 115pF, 10x:14.5pF ~ 17.5pF

    Compensation range: 5pF ~ 30pF

    Operating voltage: 1x: 300Vp-p, 10 ×: 600Vp-p


    Item Weight: 50g

    Package information:

    Package Size: 168 x 265 x 30m / 6.61 x 10.43 x 1.18in

    Package Weight: 120g /4.23oz

    General Box Package”


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