UNI T 200MHz Oscilloscope Passive Probe UT P05


  • 1 x Oscilloscope Probe 200MHz UNI-T UTP05


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UNI-T 200MHz oscilloscope probe UT-P05 is a device that makes a physical and electrical connection between a test point or signal source and an oscilloscope. This UTP05 passive probe lead is the most commonly used probes for taking general-purpose measurements. This best low price probe is constructed using wires, connectors, a housing, and, if required, compensation or attenuation resistors or capacitors.


8 / 100
  • This passive probe is good oscilloscope accessories, it is suitable for oscilloscope.
  • Stable performance and not easy to break.
  • This can provide a professional and accurate measurement.
  • Widely used, it can satisfy most peoples.
  • A good helper for instrument engineer.


8 / 100
  1. Passive Probe: (1:1/10:1)
  2. Bandwidth: 200MHz
  3. Input Resistance: 1×:1MΩ±2%,10×:10MΩ±2%
  4. Input Capacitance: 1×:70pF~120pF,10×:14pF~18pF
  5. Compensation Range: 8pF~ 35pF
  6. Operating Voltage: 1×:300Vp-p,10×:600Vp-p


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