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UPO 2104E Ultra Phasphor Oscilloscope

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The UPO2000E Series offers unprecedented value in customer applications

with its innovative technology,industry leading specifications, powerful trigger

functions and broad analysis capabilities.

The Series is available in 70MHz and 100MHz bandwidth and 2 or 4 analog channels.

It adopts UNI-T UPO visualization technology, has a maximum sample rate

of 1GSa/s and a standard memory depthof 56Mpts.

It comes with a minimum vertical scale input range of 1mV/div, an innovative

digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitier,

and a waveform capture rate of 80,000wfms/s.

Weight 5.9 kg


21 / 100

Digital fluorescent display

256-level grayscale display capability, timely reflecting

the probability of the appearance of the waveform,

and the waveform change is clearly visible.

Excellent storage depth

Excellent storage depth

Up to 56Mpts storage depth, users can capture longer

Time signal without losing waveform details.

Up to 80,000wfms/s waveform capture rate

Up to 80,000wfms/s waveform capture rate

Up to 80,000wfms/s waveform capture rate,discover occasional problems

in time, greatly improve the ability to capture extremely low-probability events,

and observe signal jitter and glitches more intuitively

Independent time base adjustable

Independent time base adjustable

The time base of each channel is independently adjustable,

which is convenient for users to observe four channels of

frequencies at the same time Significantly different signals

Rich data measurement functions
Rich data measurement functions

Rich data measurement functions

Support 34 kinds of automatic measurement parameter functions,

Support Zoom, Math, statistics and advanced calculation functions.


21 / 100
100 MHz
Channel 4
1 GSa/s
56 Mpts
80,000 wfms/s

1 review for UPO 2104E Ultra Phasphor Oscilloscope

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