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Basic Features

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UT390B+ is multi-purpose laser distancemeter with high precision. It can measure distance, area, and even obtainvolume data by using the Pythagorean Theorem. It is portable, reliable,operationally simple and fast. And it is a perfect substitute of traditionalmeasuring tool (tape, steel rule) which can be widely used in construction,decoration, property management, transportation, fire controlling, gardening,city planning, city appearance management, water conservancy testing, and electricpower maintenance industries.

Tech. Spec

14 / 100

Model UT390B+
Accuracy ±2mm
Measuring Distance 40m
Unit m/in/ft
Laser Class 620-680nm, <1mW, Class 2
Continuous Measurement
Area/Volume Calculation
Pythagorean Theorem Calculation
Length Add/Subtract
Area Add/Subtract
Volume Add/Subtract
Automatic Calibration
Data Storage 30
Battery Life 8000 times of measurement
Auto Laser Off
Buzzer Indication
Battery Level Indicator
Levelling Instrument
Auto Power Off
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
Working Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Storage Humidity 85%RH
General Characteristics
Power AAA 1.5V battery ×2
Product Color Red and grey
Product Weight 84g
Product Size 112mm*50mm*25mm
Standard Accessories Carrying Bag, Hanging Cord, Batteries
Standard Individual Package Gift Box, User Manual


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