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UT572 Advance Earth Resistance Tester


UT572 is for measuring earth resistance and soil resistivity. It can automatically check interface connection and detect interference voltage/frequency, with data hold and indication functions. It can perform 2/3/4-wire measurements for different on-site applications, such as power equipment wiring and lightning protection equipment.


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Basic Features

1. Large 4-digit LCD Display, 5s sampling time
2. 2/3/4-wire earth resistance and soil resistivity measurements
3. Selectable test frequencies (94Hz/128Hz)
4. Disturbance voltage (Ust) and frequency (Fst) measurement
5. Earth resistance, RH and RS measurements
6. LCD backlight; auto power off
7. Data hold
8. 20 sets of data storage
9. Double insulation
10. Compensating resistance RK measurement
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Tech. Spec

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Earth resistance (Re) ±(3%+15)
40Ω ±(3%+5)
Soil resistivity (ρ) ρ=2×π×L×Re (Depending on the test result
of Re)
Disturbance voltage (Ust) 50V (DC voltage/40Hz~500Hz) ±(3%+3)
Disturbance frequency (Fst) 40Hz~500Hz ±(1%+2)


2/3/4-wire test
Earth resistance test frequency 94/128Hz
Soil resistivity test distances 1~40m
Earth resistance RH and RS test
Compensating resistance RK test
Data hold
Data storage 20
LCD backlight
Auto power off Around 5 minutes
Low battery indication ≤9.5V

General Characterisitics

Power 1.5V battery (LR6) x 8
Display 125mm x 37mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 1100g
Product size 210mm x 175mm x 90mm
Standard accessories Batteries, simple test leads with alligator clips(double plugs x 1, single plug x 1), earth spike x 4, standard test leads with alligator clips (40m red x 1, 20m red x 1, 20m black x 1, 10m yellow x 1, 5m green x 1), gallus
Standard individual packing Gift box, carrying bag, tool box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 2pcs
Standard carton measurement 475mm x 378mm x 335mm (0.064CBM per standard carton)
Standard carton gross weight 14kg


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